One certificate, better e-mail deliverability

Client is the tenth-largest online shopping platform in the world by the monthly number of visitors to e-commerce sites. In October 2020, the company debuted on the stock exchange, also becoming the largest initial public offering in the history of the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

The problem

The company wanted to improve the deliverability of marketing emails. Email analytics pointed to problems with sending blocks with major Polish providers, including Onet, WP, O2 and Interia. In this case, the limits translated into a large number of bounces (soft or hard), making it impossible for client to effectively perform mass mailings in a short period.


To solve the problem, client turned to TrustedSender, opting to continue using its infrastructure, which was authenticated by TrustedSender. In this case, the client provides the IP addresses of its return paths and froms, and TrustedSender, by using its long-standing relationships and know-how, certifies the shipments, eliminating the time constraints on shipments as a result.

How does the cooperation look like?

Client certifies its emails at Polish providers using their infrastructure. Detailed analytics is on the client’s side. Based on the message logs sent by the client, TrustedSender creates a monthly report showing how the deliverability has improved, how the messages from providers look like or the reputation of the submitted IP addresses. Moreover, if a domain is blacklisted, the client is informed about the need for delisting.


The cooperation with TrustedSender for client translates into improved deliverability of marketing messages. All this was achieved without the involvement of the platform’s internal IT resources. Moreover, client can count on expert support and ongoing problem solving with the providers.

Why TrustedSender?

The process of whitelisting infrastructure from the largest Polish providers takes up to 2 weeks from signing a contract. Whitelisting allows you to significantly reduce the number of bounces and improve the conversion rate from the email channel.

To ensure proper deliverability, we also keep track of frequently changing anti-spam policies, advising the client on technical aspects of the mailing. Furthermore, unlike multinational corporations, we delve into the details of local markets, which allows us to achieve much higher deliverability rates. Besides, we also know the specificity of other markets perfectly well, which is why we offer our services in the CEE region.

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