Douglas – whitelisting instead of warm-uping

Parfümerie Douglas GmbH, also known as Douglas, is a German perfumery chain that specializes in selling cosmetics – its beginning is traced back to 1821 when the first cosmetics factory was established in Hamburg. In addition to stationery stores located in Europe and the United States, the company is rapidly developing its e-commerce sales platform.

The problem

Polish customers complained that they had not received messages from Douglas for nearly three years. To solve the problem, the customer established that the best solution would be the so-called warming up of IP addresses, which involves increasing the volume of mailings. The company hoped that this move would be enough, especially since their emails had a sender score of 90%. However, as it turned out, the specific nature of the Polish market requires whitelisting of mailings to effectively deliver messages to recipients.


To finally solve the deliverability problem, the German branch established cooperation with TrustedSender. During the meeting, we were able to convince the client that the poor deliverability rate is not a matter of warming up the infrastructure, but long-term cooperation and authorization of traffic at WP, O2, Onet, and Interia. In the end, the customer decided to certify his IP addresses and return path.

How does the cooperation look like?

The TrustedSender’s team works with the client to improve performance by proactively tracking the reputation of IP traffic. To that end, the company receives monthly reports from which it can learn whether an IP address has been blacklisted, how its deliverability has improved, and what the messages from providers look like. Douglas can also count on comprehensive consulting in the form of technical guidelines for mailing, which indicate how to improve the creation to achieve better conversion.


Thanks to the cooperation with TrustedSender it was possible to lift the sending limits and limit the number of blocks, which resulted in a significant improvement of email deliverability. There is also no need to track changes in anti-spam policies and signing additional agreements with providers on the client’s side. TrustedSender is fully responsible for a wide range of scope including monitoring and assisting with contacting the local providers.

Why TrustedSender?

If you want to send emails effectively in Poland, you have to bear in mind that over 60% of traffic belongs to Polish providers, and deliverability is not a matter of warming up the infrastructure. The only things that count are long-term cooperation and authorisation of traffic at WP, O2, Onet or Interia. Thanks to many years of cooperation with those four entities and our scale (TrusedSender sends billions of tons of volumes) we can offer competitive pricing. It is also worth noting that, unlike international corporations, we delve into the details of local markets, which allows us to achieve much higher deliverability ratios. What is more, we know the specificity of other markets as well, therefore we offer our services in the CEE area.

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