Pandora – authorise marketing emails for better deliverability

Pandora is a Danish jewellery manufacturer and retailer founded in 1982 by Per Enevoldsen. The company started as a family-owned jewellery store in Copenhagen. The jewellery chain is known for its wide range of necklaces, rings, and custom bracelets. Its stores are available in 100 countries, with numerous outlets in Poland. The company (partly due to the increased demand for online shopping during the time of Covid) is currently putting a lot of effort into expanding its e-commerce platform.

The problem

The Polish branch of the company could not achieve a satisfactory delivery rate of marketing emails. It was especially visible in the case of WP mailboxes, which display a message about exceeding the limits of sent messages – as a result, emails did not reach
customers’ mailboxes at all or it happened after many hours. Pandora, trying to solve this problem, decided to use the so-called warming up (a gradual increase in the volume of messages), which is ineffective on the Polish market. Besides, social factors (such as high user engagement), which usually work in the case of Gmail, did not help either.


After the discussions with TrustedSender, the customer finally understood that further warming up the infrastructure would not help and that the only way to increase deliverability was to either use TrustedSender’s servers or authorize their infrastructure. Pandora opted for the latter option and its servers were added to the contracts signed with WP, O2, Interia and Onet.

How does the cooperation look like?

The TrustedSender team creates a monthly report, which presents the deliverability at a given time. As a result, Pandora can monitor whether a given IP address was blacklisted, how its deliverability improved, and how the messages from providers look like. At the same time, TrustedSender advises the client on how to improve the creation, so that the mailing has the highest possible deliverability rate.

The effect

Thanks to authorisations with the largest Polish providers and the implementation of a good set of practices, Pandora managed to cope with the problem related to message limitation. Cooperation with TrustedSender resulted in lowering the number of message blocks and bounces, which immediately improved the CR and CTR rates.

Why TrustedSender?

Email deliverability on the Polish market depends mainly on authorization from domestic providers, and not, as many might think, on warming up the infrastructure. That’s why in this case, long-term cooperation with the largest entities including WP, O2, Onet or Interia, is so important. Apart from authorization and long-term relations with them, TrustedSender constantly monitors changing anti-spam policies and offers to its clients a set of advice regarding technical aspects of emails. Last but not least, unlike the multinationals, we delve into the details of the local markets, which allows us to ensure high deliverability both in Poland and throughout the CEE region.

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