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Rossmann is one of the biggest drugstore chains in Europe, which is present in Germany, Poland, the Czech Republic, Albania, Greece, and Hungary. The first Rossmann store in Poland was opened on 23th of May 1993 – since that time over 1400 stores have been opened in Poland.

The problem

Marketing emails sent by Rossmann did not reach the customers, which caused their great dissatisfaction. As it turned out, the problem was connected with exceeding time limits and low capacity. In addition, messages that appeared in the Offers tab on WP displayed alerts with a warning, when trying to enter the Rossmann website, significantly decreasing the conversion as a result


The growing number of sent emails posed a serious challenge to effective message delivery in a short period. Therefore, despite having a very large technological background and many years of know-how, the company decided to use the services of TrustedSender, taking advantage of TrustedSender servers which also meant resigning from its infrastructure. In this context, it is worth mentioning that the client has one of the largest databases in Poland, so the challenges regarding e-mail channels were exceptionally high.

How does the cooperation work?

In the case of Rossmann, TrustedSender needed to prepare a fully-fledged infrastructure with a capacity to quickly carry out frequent email and SMS messages. At the same time, the client required fast scalability, depending on the growth rate of the database used to carry out mailings. To ensure the expected results, several throughput tests were conducted as part of the integration.


Sending emails through TrustedSender’s infrastructure significantly minimized problems with timeouts and low throughput. As a consequence better deliverability of emails was achieved. It’s also worth noting that messages that appear in the Offers tab no longer display warning alerts when they try to access the page, which significantly increases the overall conversion.

Why TrustedSender?

All mailings carried out by TrustedSender servers ensure a high delivery rate because the infrastructure by definition is whitelisted by Polish providers. In addition, customers have access to an administrator panel, which allows the client to access very detailed reports. As a result, every message from the provider can be tracked in real-time, which enables you to proactively solve problems. Furthermore, since TrustedSender is familiar with the specificity of other markets, it perfectly manages the deliverability of the whole CEE area

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