Transaction messages

Transaction messages are all messages sent to e-mail boxes following operations on websites. These operations include subscribing to newsletters, downloading e-books or manuals, registering in new services or purchasing items in online shops.

Transaction messages include:

  • Subscription confirmations
  • Welcome mails
  • Miss you mails
  • Thank you mails
  • Password reset mails
  • Confirmation messages (e.g. transaction confirmations)
  • Messages with invoices
  • Messages with bank account balances
  • Automatic messages (auto-responders)
  • Exiting shopping baskets
  • Alerts

Transaction e-mails are not limited to e-commerce. They can be used by anyone operating in the Internet. The goal of these messages is to entice the user to respond to an e-mail or simply to provide the user with information following his/her action.

The most important thing in transaction messages is the fact that they are sent in real time. The recipients expect these messages and for this reason,  delivery thereof cannot take longer than a few seconds. They are sent individually to each recipient. Transaction e-mails also have high open rate and CTR ratios. They should not be directed to spam. In order to avoid it, transaction messages should be separate from marketing messages. In order to separate the transfers, two dedicated IPs must be considered: one for transaction messages, the other one for marketing messages (newsletters, e-mail campaigns).

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